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Click on catalog numbers for detailed information. Missing catalog numbers are indicative of either a gap in memory or simply in sequence. And we liked the number 69 so much we used it twice. Many of these releases can be purchased from Midheaven, while those that aren’t may be available directly from Anyway. Get in touch via email if interested.

001  Gaunt, “Jim Motherfucker” 7-inch single
002  Appalachian Death Ride, “Firefly” 7-inch single
003  Greenhorn, “Conversations with Myself” 7-inch single
004  Monster Truck Five, “Ain’t Never Been” 7-inch single
005  Various Artists, Cowtown Volume I 7-inch EP
006  Stupid Fuckin’ Hippie, “Bladdernut” 7-inch single
007  Various Artists, Cowtown Volume II 7-inch EP
008  unreleased Guided By Voices 7-inch single
009  Belreve, “Nothing” 7-inch single
010  Bugman/Clay split 7-inch single
011  Various Artists, Cowtown Volume III 7-inch EP
012  Log, “Idiot Proof” 7-inch single
013  Guided By Voices/Jenny Mae split 7-inch single
015  Greenhorn, “Through the Thick of It” 7-inch single
016  Econothugs, “Donny’s High” 7-inch single
017  Moviola, “Lookin’ In” 7-inch single
018  Nothing Painted Blue, “After the Housewarming” 7-inch single
020  Steve Lindstrom/Paul Nini split 7-inch single
021  Belreve/Guided By Voices split 7-inch single
022  New Bomb Turks, Live ’93 EP
023  unreleased Action Family 7-inch single
024  Log, Light Fuse and Get Away CD
025  Appalachian Death Ride/Geraldine split 7-inch single
026  Moviola, Frantic 10-inch EP
027  Bargoyle, “Happy Ending” 7-inch single
028  Various Artists, Cowtown Volume IV 7-inch EP
030  V-3, “American Face” 7-inch single
031  Mike Rep & The Quotas, A Tree Stump Named Desire CD
032  Jenny Mae, There’s a Bar Around the Corner Assholes LP/CD
033  Bargoyle, Seven and Seven 7-inch EP
035  Appalachian Death Ride, Appalachian Death Ride LP/CD
036  Log, My Evil Friend 7-inch EP/CD EP
037  Geraldine, “K-Tel Whore” 7-inch single
039  Ass Ponys, Mr. Superlove CD (co-release with Okra)
040  Moviola, The Year You Were Born LP/CD
041  Jenny Mae with Azalia Snail, Jenny Mae with Azalia Snail 7-inch EP
042  Various Artists, Half Assed Will Travel LP (co-release with Perinium)
043  The Wolverton Brothers, “The Elohist” 7-inch single
044  Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Straight to Video CD
047  Jenny Mae, Don’t Wait Up for Me CD
048  Julia P, “The Law” 7-inch single
049  The Hellacopters/New Bomb Turks split 7-inch single
050  Various Artists, I Stayed Up All Night Listening to Records: A Collection of Field Recordings CD
052  The Wiretaps, “Romulan Invasion” 7-inch single
053  Tiara, Again Cast In CD
054  Appalachian Death Ride, Hobo’s Cookbook CD
055  unreleased Tim Chapin CD
058  Moviola, East of Eager CD
059  Catalpa Boys, Catalpa Boys CD
060  The Whiles, Colors of the Year CD
061  Log, Log Almighty CD
062  The Patsys, On the 13th Kick CD
063  The Whiles, Sleepers Wake CD
064  The Kyle Sowashes, Nobody CD
065  Ghost Shirt, Domestique CD
066  The Lindsay, Deep in the Queue LP+CD/digital
067  The Kyle Sowashes, Somebody LP+CD/digital
068  The Whiles, Somber Honey LP/digital
069  Obnox, A Ragin’ in the Sun 7-inch EP
069  Winter Makes Sailors, Moving On LP/digital
070  Connections, Private Airplane LP/digital
071  Connections, “Cindy, Jeni & Johnny” 7-inch single
072  Connections, Body Language LP/digital
073  Connections, Year One CD
080  WV White, West Virginia White LP/digital
081  Connections, Into Sixes LP/digital
082  St. Lenox, Ten Songs About Memory and Hope LP/digital
083  The Kyle Sowashes, Everybody LP/CD/digital
085  The Motel Beds, Mind Glitter LP/CD/digital
501  Terribly Empty Pockets, Get Wet EP (co-release with Columbus Discount Records)