St. Lenox

stlenoxSt. Lenox is the music project of Andy Choi. He takes his influences from classical music, pop, electronica, and jazz. As a teenager, he was a Juilliard-trained concert violinist, winning awards at the national and international level under his belt. However, he gave up music in college to pursue a degree in philosophy at Princeton University. While working on his PhD at The Ohio State University, he rekindled his interest in music by way of the Great American Songbook, which he learned through jazz jam sessions at in Columbus, Ohio’s dive bars. He currently resides in New York City, where he is getting a Juris Doctor degree at New York University.

The St. Lenox moniker comes from a misreading of a subway terminal in Harlem: 148 St – Lenox Terminal. St. Lenox’s debut album, 10 Songs About Memory, is forthcoming on Anyway.