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Counterfeit Madison

Ghost Shirt

Mary Lynn


St. Lenox

The Kyle Sowashes

The Whiles

Winter Makes Sailors



3 thoughts on “Artists”

  1. Hi there,
    My name is Brett Gregory from fellow Columbus band, Emily & the Complexes. I’m not sure if this is the best place to reach y’all, but thought I’d give it a shot. We recently finished making a new album and were interested in working with Anyway Records. I have put a link to a private SoundCloud link to a sampler of our new album we just completed.

    It was produced/engineered/mixed by Drew Vandenberg (Mothers, Of Montreal, Futurbirds) down in Athens, GA at Chase Park Transduction.

    There are 4 songs on the sampler, which is half the album. If you would like to hear the other 4 tracks please let me know.

    We would obviously love to work with Anyway and really like what you all do. Thanks a lot for your time.
    Brett Gregory

  2. Hi there,
    Really enjoying the St. Lenox record, just wondering if you have a mailing list I could be added to? I work as an editor at Spotify UK, making playlists and things, and I’d love to be aware of the music you’re bringing out, as it might not reach me otherwise.
    I’ve been listening through your roster today, and it’s all great. Will look to put some things in playlists where I can.
    All the best, keep being excellent.

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