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Jenny Mae

What’s Wrong With Me : Singles and Unreleased Tracks 1989-2017

Jenny Mae made only two full length records, both released just two years apart in the hey-day of 90’s indie-rock where small labels rose up like mushrooms in a tropical forest and like so much of the music from that time was easily overlooked and disappeared. Jenny’s music found a small, devoted audience and her music was covered not only by many fanzines but also by Rolling Stone, Spin, Interview, even Entertainment Weekly. She played shows and some tours with Guided by Voices, Magnetic Fields, Neko Case, Chris Knox and more but to see her live one never knew what one would see, perhaps on a good night, a deeply moving set sung in her sweet midwestern voice or maybe a woman who could barely stand, her keyboard falling off a bar table she set up on stage as she usually didn’t have a keyboard stand. “Jenny lived life how an engine swallows gasoline, hot and quickly except her gasoline was alcohol which she used to quiet her undiagnosed schizoaffective disorder and by the early 2000s she went from living in Coral Gables to living on the streets of Columbus, Ohio in a matter of weeks. She remained homeless for nearly three years in Columbus and Miami with various stints in jail or the many hospitals she would visit until her predictable death in 2017, which of course, was in a hospital surrounded by her family and friends. “Her music was sweet, catchy and at times bawdy—some songs as short as Bob Pollard‘s who championed her and others lush electronic that was closer to My Bloody Valentine or OMD. She was a fan of the Beach Boys and Beatles growing up in rural Ohio and started writing songs in high school. Eventually she started recording on a borrowed Tascam 4-track in the late ’80s, songs as innocent as Daniel Johnston’s or the Marine Girls. Some of these earliest recordings are gathered here on this compilation that stretches from 1988 through 2016, where her last recording, the devastating “Not Another Bad Year” was recorded months before her death. It includes many of the songs she made in the years before she died, including the ode to her good friend, Jim Shepard as well as songs she created as she pined for Ohio while going off the rails in Miami. Side two contains some of the singles she recorded for various indie-labels that have not been available since the mid-nineties and several unreleased songs from a never materialized third record. She was a force for everybody who knew her, and she was one who lacked ambition, or maybe the organization to do what folks around her thought was ‘normal’, she wasn’t made for a traditional life.” -Bela Koe-Krompecher, 2022

Moviola “Broken Rainbows”


Broken Rainbows is a milestone release carefully crafted and meticulously produced to showcase a band confident of its songs, assured in its artistry, and supportive of its members’ songcraft. Thematically, the 11-song album hovers over a plot of ground that’s optimistic in its despair. Album topics range from the personal to the political, showcasing each member’s unique songwriting within an overall cohesive band aesthetic. Broken Rainbows was recorded and mixed at safe distance in Housh’s home studio in Columbus in the second half of 2020.

Select album standouts include “Orders Of The Day,” “Go With You,” and “Stripes And Stars.” The lonesome and pretty, “Orders Of The Day,” replete with pedal steel (courtesy of Barry Hensley, Big Back 40) feels like a lost Sweetheart of the Rodeo-era Byrds track. The lyrics are poetic and potent, one powerful passage reads: Losses always end up the same/Propping up the work that remains/They’re not striking out/Just hitting back, for themselves. “Go With You” features Bonnell on lead vocal and evokes Mazzy Star with a Crazy Horse-like eruption by song’s end. “Stripes And Stars” is an indie-folk sing-along with dense harmony vocals, whose lyrics ultimately belie its sweet nature. As Housh says: “This seemed like a silly one, though I feel proud of it. By inverting ‘stars and stripes’ in the title, I’m saying we got a lot of things backwards.”

Moviola has opened for or shared stages with: Flaming Lips, Red Red Meat, Califone, Superchunk, Bettie Serveert, Grifters, Acetone, Wussy, the Clean, Guided By Voices, and Dub Narcotic Sound System, among others. The band’s label, Anyway Records (Guided By Voices, Ass Ponys, Jenny Mae, and others), is run by longtime friend, Bela Koe-Krompecher whose first book will be coming out via the esteemed label Don Giovanni (Jamie Kilstein, Screaming Females, Waxahatchee).



“Moviola was one of those groups I met early on back in the day that showed me how to do it. ‘Broken Rainbows’ is a highlight—pastoral thumpers, fuzzy indie radness, hooks to spare, pretty much all the good stuff. Feels like a glorious drive from one disparate end of Ohio to another. I love this band.” – Eric Johnson (Fruitbats)

“(Broken Rainbows is…) wry songs, human voices and sounds calling back classic rock radio vibes from my midwest youth, cut with enough present-time weirdness and mystery to keep me in it. Mostly I can feel the love and longtime journey that exists between these guys. Feels like home.” – Tim Rutili (Califone)

“Moviola’s ‘Broken Rainbows’ inhabits the same space as ‘The Swimmer’ in John Cheever’s short story of the same name, in which the protagonist embarks on a mission to swim through all the backyard pools in his American burg. Each song is a sumptuous three-minute indie folk submergence from which the band surfaces to dry off and find themselves isolated and alien, yet strangely, almost absurdly, satisfied.” – Ron House (Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, Great Plains)

New Live Album From The Kyle Sowashes

The Kyle Sowashes dropped their new live record “Not Exactly Budokan” today (6/5/20) on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for 1 day, and all proceeds from this record will go straight to Columbus Freedom Fund.

Hello Emerson Tours Germany & Releases “How to Cook Everything” on 1/24/2020

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Picked up by Dresden-based K&F Records in 2018, Hello Emerson is another example of midwestern songwriting with international resonance – particularly in Germany – with reviews in Rolling Stone Germany, DPA, and Deutschlandfunk Kultur. With comparisons to John Darnielle (The Mountain Goats), Andrew Bird, Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), and Sufjan Stevens – their debut record was heralded as “a find for the genre” and “the sublime intersection of the best American indie-folk bands.”

Sam Emerson Bodary’s songs have proven a maturity beyond his age, with an approach “so round, clever, and grown-up that he could easily be fifteen years older.” Now at 25, Bodary leans into How to Cook Everything, Hello Emerson’s second record with K&F Records and first with Columbus’ indie Anyway Records.

Their sophomore effort, How to Cook Everything, solidifies their reputation as an earnest, humble, and insistent voice in independent midwestern music. With contributions from 50 local musicians, Hello Emerson crystallizes life in a big town/small city amidst personal and political tensions – confirming, denying, and otherwise complicating midwestern stereotypes within each narrative-focused song.

How to Cook Everything will be released on January 24th, 2020 through Anyway Records in North America and K&F Records in Europe.


Early praise for “How to Cook Everything”
“Love it! Can’t wait to see you all live.”
– Mark Bittman, author of the bestselling cookbook “How to Cook Everything”

Praise for Hello Emerson’s debut record, “Above the Floorboards.”
“Idiosyncratic folk and bluegrass songs once as a rampant stream-of-consciousness text flood, once in the form of a short story… Conor Oberst and John Darnielle say hello.”
– Rolling Stone Magazine, Germany

“Bodary resembles – both vocally and musically – intellectual overflights such as Conor O’Brien (Villagers), Sufjan Stevens, Andrew Bird or Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes)…. consistently very pretty arranged, highly melodious, yet unobtrusive song gems.”

“Rarely have the debut of the current singer-songwriter generation such a sense of catchy songs, original instrumentations, and imaginative texts.”
– MDR Kultur

Tour Dates
Friday, January 24th – Cologne
Saturday, January 25th – Karlsruhe
Sunday, January 26th – Offenbach
Tuesday, January 28th – Dresden
Wednesday, January 29th – Vienna
Friday, January 31st – Essen
Saturday, February 1st – Braunschweig
Sunday, February 2nd – Münster
Tuesday, February 4th – Kiel
Wednesday, February 5th – Oldenburg
Friday, February 7th – Hamburg
Saturday, February 8th – Berlin
Sunday, February 9th – Langenberg
Friday, February 21st – Columbus, OH

BRAT CURSE prepare to release “Brat Curse” on August 2 via

Columbus, Ohio’s Brat Curse prepare to release their sophomore LP and Anyway debut on August 2nd with touring to coinciding and into the fall. Lead singer Brian Baker also plays in Dana and the Smug Brothers while lead guitarist Joe Camerlengo leads Van Dale as well as playing in Blanket Boys and almost every other great Columbus band. Brat Curse are well steeped in the pool of catchy guitar hooks ala Gaunt (and Brian has an eerie resemblance to the late Jerry Wick), Connections and the Mice. Early press:

The Kyle Sowashes drop their new live record “Not Exactly Budokan” tomorrow (6/5/20) on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for 1 day, and all proceeds from this record will go straight to Columbus Freedom Fund.

The Kyle Sowashes drop their new live record “Not Exactly Budokan” tomorrow (6/5/20) on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday. Bandcamp is waiving their revenue share for 1 day, and all proceeds from this record will go straight to Columbus Freedom Fund.

Hello Emerson release show at Ace of Cups on 2/21

Hello Emerson celebrate their newest release on Anyway at Ace of Cups on 2/21,

Counterfeit Madison at the Lincoln Theater 2/22

Counterfeit Madison plays the Lincoln Theater (sponsored by The Ohio State Wexner Center) performing a tribute to the music of Aretha Franklin, the show is almost sold out.

St. Lenox to play Flyover Fest on May 8th

St. Lenox will be making his first Ohio show since playing Independence Day in 2017 as part of the pretigious Flyover Fest put on by the wonderful folks at Two Dollar Radio Publishing.

FLYOVER presents a special kick-off event at the
Columbus Alive stage at Two Dollar Radio Headquarters, featuring performances from Danez Smith, St. Lenox, and Scott Woods. Hosted by Sharon Udoh of Counterfeit Madison.

The Festival takes place over four days and features musical acts such as BRONCHO, BONNIE DUNN (woodist), SOUTHER, PAUL CHERRY, DIDI (damnably records) and more.

Authors and poets: Erika Sanchez, Elana K. Arnold, Franny Choi, Danez Smith and Columbus’s own Hanif Abdurraqib hosting one night of poetry. + more.

There will also be a small press (books and records) Bookfair at Ace of Cups with the Kenyon Review, Don Giovanni Records and press, Sarabande and more.

St. Lenox

Adam Remnant to release new LP ‘Sourwood’ on August 17 with Anyway Records

Adam Remnant will release a new LP entitled Sourwood on August 17, 2018 via Anyway Records. Adam and his band will tour throughout summer and fall of this year. See upcoming tour dates at Read the press release and see the album cover below. Pre-order the record here.

ADAM REMNANT – SOURWOOD – out August 17 on Anyway Records

Adam Remnant came up over the last decade fronting the folk-rock band Southeast Engine. As the principal singer and songwriter of the band, Remnant and his bandmates garnered critical acclaim from publications such as Paste Magazine, Pitchfork, NPR, American Songwriter, Magnet, Stereogum, PopMatters, AV Club, and many more. They established a substantial following over the years, releasing five albums and touring across the United States and Canada.

As Southeast Engine wound down, Remnant began plotting his way forward as a solo artist. He assembled a little studio in his basement and earnestly began writing & recording the songs that comprise the 2016 EP, When I Was a Boy, as well as the new full-length, Sourwood. Remnant’s signature baritone voice and literary songwriting act as the focal point in the productions spanning between folk, rock, and indie sounds mined from a Midwest basement.

Sourwood is a record long in the making. In the intervening years since Southeast Engine, Remnant and his wife, Amanda, became parents to two curly blond-haired girls, which they raise in the fertile creative town of Athens, Ohio. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, it’s here that Remnant pursues his musical visions while tending to daily matters. The songs of Sourwood were birthed in that intersection of youth and adulthood where dreams and realities confront one another.  The songs detail the desire to find potential opportunities beyond the horizon while feeling the gravity of home. The album drifts back and forth between those push & pull forces of home and travel as one might drift between a waking and dream state. Somewhere between those two states is a place called Sourwood.

The album is largely recorded and performed by Adam Remnant with contributions from Remnant’s working band, consisting of brother, Jesse Remnant, on bass and harmony vocals; Ryan Stolte-Sawa on violin and harmony vocals, and Jon Helm on drums. Remnant plans to release the album in 2018 with plans to tour in support of the release with his 4-piece band.

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Pre-order the record here.

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