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Winter Makes Sailors

wintermakessailorsWinter Makes Sailors is the car that drives the engine of Sean Gardner, a Columbus, Ohio music fixture who has played up and down the main streets of Midwestern cities in a variety of bands for the last decade. He lives a simple life with his wife: he works as a third-grade teacher and spends his weekends giving guitar lessons and crafting his own music. While Winter Makes Sailors is certainly a band in the truest sense of the word, it is really much more of a collection of friends coming together to help Sean exhale the music he lives and breathes. At times that music is reflective of growing up in rural Ohio, while in other instances it is a showcase  of orchestrated pop music at its finest. Throughout it all, Sean exhibits a strong sense of song arrangement and lyrical instinct. Anyway released Winter Makes Sailors debut album, Moving On, in April 2013.

Moving On LP/digital (Anyway, 2013)

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