The Whiles, Somber Honey (AW-068)

whilessomberhoneyRelease date: October 16, 2012

Format: LP/digital


  1. So Sweet
  2. Nothing to Do with You (Clouds)
  3. Mouth of the Wolf
  4. Seems So Long Ago
  5. Sea of Waking Dreams
  6. I Know That I’m Not Wrong
  7. Somber Honey
  8. Caroline
  9. Siphon
  10. Leaving

Recorded and mixed by Jake Remley
Produced by The Whiles
Mastered by Brian Lucey

Vocals, guitar, and keys: Joe Peppercorn
Guitar and lap steel: Matt Peppercorn
Guitar: Jake Remley
Back-up vocals, guitar, and bass: Chris Bolognese
Drums and percussion: Paul Headley

Guest musicians
Trumpet: David Murphy
Violin: Sam Kim
Vocals: Branden Barnett

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