Connections, Body Language (AW-072)

Connections, Body LanguageRelease date: October 15, 3013

Format: LP/digital


  1. Aimless
  2. Blurry Eyes
  3. She’s Cheering Up
  4. Late Shift
  5. Jeni and Johnny
  6. Green Skull
  7. Girl’s Night Out
  8. Summer Creeps
  9. Collect U.S.A.
  10. 2 Makes 2
  11. Hang On
  12. Rough Patch
  13. Florida, Vegas, Tahoe

Recorded at Columbus Discount Recording
Engineered by Adam Smith

Vocals: Kevin Elliott
Guitar: Andy Hampel
Guitar: Dave Capaldi
Bass: Philip Kim
Drums: Adam Elliott

Purchase/download at Midheaven

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