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St. Lenox in Atlanta at the IMR Music Festival

St. Lenox will be performing at the 2013 IMR Music Festival, in Atlanta.  The festival, put on by Indie Music Reviewer, runs August 8 to 11. IIN addition to their top tier artists more will be announced closer to the dates, about 40 more acts will present their music on four stages, including 12th planet, Bear Grillz, Liquid stranger, Riot Ten, Zaxx, Cashmere Cat, Shpongle, Lotus,Image result for imr music festival Green Velvet, Oliver Heldens, Boogie  t, Chocolate Puma, Joker, Koan Sound, Shlump, Paul Oakenfold, Gabriel Dresden, DJ Dara, IV Lab, Bryson Taylor, and Daddy Dough.

One of the very highlights of the weekend was being able to meet Prisca, the artist I did a special feature review on before the festival. She is the best described as an indie version of Adele, and She’s the coolest chick ever. She put on an amazing show, too and I’ve actually kept in touch with her after the festival , a perk to be working for IMR. 

Overall the weekend was one I will always remember and I am so thankful to be a part of this amazing family at Indie Music reviewer and working with IMR with such amazing people, I can’t wait to see what’s in the future when  it gets big enough and makes so much more noise, this will be part of the promotion which I also worked.  You can check for more Details at the IMR website, which has been using a SEO company to better their online marketing, and this is the part I’m excited about, right now the festival is a success but later on when people start to know more about it it will be amazing and world wide viewed, all of this can happen with the promotion which is part of the marketing strategy. 

You need to know that sponsor a stage is a given . Most of the time, the stage will be creatively named after the company, and your brand will be over it, good unconscious branding as well as photo ops. The merch has to be easy and create an impact, it is useful to have free stuff so people come and start reading and looking more at the information given. One good thing it was in the festival was a photo backdrop which made a great bunch of people start to use it and there were a bunch of people posts online promoting the event by itself.  So there were themed backdrops with the bands name and people were making lines to take pictures with their friend and shared them online with the hashtag of the event. Image result for imr music festival

Another good way to promote a festival like this is to collaborate with the sponsors, this is a big opportunity for a third party promotion of the event. They will promote it in their social media and perhaps depending on the sponsor they can provide additional items that can be given away through a contest, in such a case the sponsor most likely be willing to promote the contest on their side as well.  

We were collaborating using DesignRush branding agencies to make the marketing  and advertising of each of the bands,  as digital marketing is a vital part in the success of an event, especially when technology has become an essential part of our daily lives. They helped us to make the hand out flyers, put some posters and get people talking about the event. If possible try to get the word out on local stations as well, but with a digital agency you can make it happen, it is essential for sales, profit and of course the event to be successful. 




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